Central Automotive Products Ltd. is a Japanese trading company operating in the automotive sector, headquartered in Osaka, Japan. It also has affiliates around the world ,including the USA, China, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Singapore / Malaysia, Indonesia.

Founded in 1946 in Osaka, it grew rapidly thanks to the enthusiastic support of its customers and its rich business history. The best possible effort is given to maximize added value, while at the same time shrink costs to the minimum.

Today, Central is a major shareholder in many industries of the field, such as in Korean CTR (Front Car Parts), UNION Car Filters, and others. It provides the global market with spare parts from the best-known Japanese manufacturers, as well as UNION & JCAP filters, front-end CTR parts, MITSUBOSHI straps, JCAP Rubber Parts, JCAP Shock Absorbers, JCAP Multipliers, JCAP Brake & JCAP Boot Batteries, etc.

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