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The website https://theologidis.com (hereinafter the “Website”) constitutes the online presence of the company entitled “ATHANASIOS THEOLOGIDIS P.C.”, with V.A.T. No. EL800744494 and Business Registry No. 139310904000, which is headquartered in 15, Karaoli & Dimitriou Street, 54630 Thessaloniki, Greece. The Company acts as agent/representative of foreign companies in the aftermarket automotive sector, and it imports and sells spare parts, accessories, and lubricants for vehicles (hereinafter the “Company”).

The b2b e-shop which is hosted on the Website belongs to the Company and constitutes the channel for the wholesale of the products which the Company represents or/and distributes (hereinafter the “B2B”).

The present Terms & Conditions apply both to the simple guest user of the Website as well as to the B2B user who register to, sign in, navigate through, and proceed in purchasing products via the B2B (hereinafter collectively referred to as the “User”).  These Terms & Conditions constitute a single set of terms together with the Privacy Policy – GDPR of the Company which is integrated to them.

It is considered that the User unconditionally consents to and accepts the below Terms & Conditions, without any exception. If any User does not agree with these Terms & Conditions, then it should refrain from using the Website and the B2B.

The Company has the right to modify the present Terms & Conditions whenever it considers it necessary, indicatively and not exclusively, in order to comply with the laws or regulations or due to a change in its commercial policy. Any possible changes will be uploaded into the Website, indicating the date of modification. For this reason, it is advisable to the Users to frequently review the Terms & Conditions during their navigation through the Website and the B2B, whereas any use of the Website and the B2B by the Users implies the unconditional acceptance by them of any possible modifications that have occurred.

Access to the B2B

The B2B consists exclusively in wholesale.

It is at the discretion of the Company to grant access to its B2B to any User. The User can request registration to the B2B by filling in the requested information fields in the relevant form of the Website. Such information includes the first name, the last name, the e-mail address of the User as well as the creation of a secret password of the choice of the User. The Company is notified of the registration request and it may decide whether it accepts or not the User’s registration to the B2B.

The B2B is addressed exclusively at individuals capable to complete legal transactions and who have completed their 18th year of age.


The whole content of the Website and the B2B, including the distinctive titles, trademarks, images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, etc. constitute the intellectual property of the Company and are protected by the relevant rules of the Greek law, the European law and the international conventions or the intellectual property of third parties for which the Company has been granted permission to use for its own exclusive purposes and for the purposes of running the B2B. Any copying of, transferring or creating productive labor based on this content or deceiving the public regarding the true beneficiary of the Website and the supplier of the B2B is strictly prohibited. Reproducing, revisiting, loading, announcing, spreading, or transferring or any other use of the content by any means or media for trading or other intentions is allowed only under the prior written consent of the Company or of any other beneficiary of the copyrights, depending on the circumstances.

Third Parties Websites

To facilitate access to the Webpage and the B2B, the Company may include links to websites that constitute property of third parties or are managed by third parties and that are responsible themselves about their content.

Limitation of Liability

The Company has made every possible effort to illustrate with the best possible accuracy the products it sells through the B2B by exhibiting photographs, descriptions, and specific descriptions. However, the Website may contain errors (typographical, arithmetical, and illustrative). The Company does not guarantee the precision or inclusiveness of its illustrations and descriptions or the reliability of every advice, opinion, statement, or other information that is mentioned or exhibited at the B2B or/and the Website.

Property – Trademarks

The content of the Website and the B2B, which includes indicatively but is not limited to, names, images, logotypes and distinctive characters, the logotype THEOLOGIDIS parts & lubes and the trademarks are the Company’s property. The names of the products and the legal entities that are referred to on the Website and the B2B may be trademarks or trading names of their respective owners. Access to the Website and the B2B must not be regarded as concession, consequently, finally or in any other way, of any permission or right of use of any symbols, logotypes, images, illustrations that appear on the Website and the B2B, without the prior written consent of the Company or of any other third-party owner.

Payment Methods

The customer may pay with one of the following options:

  1. Wire transfer to the Company’s bank account,

To assure better customer service, it is recommended that the customer includes its name or the name of the legal entity which it represents when filling in the wire transfer form.

The customer is also kindly asked to send the copy of the swift payment to the Company via email immediately following the completion of the transaction.

  1. By using Mastercard or Visa type credit card, debit card or prepaid card with the option of interest-free installments depending on the final amount of the order.

The payment procedure using card is carried out in a completely secure environment using encryption 2048bit SSL.

During the payment procedure using card, the customer’s personal data are not saved to or published to the B2B, but they are instead exclusively transferred to the bank and are protected according to the legislation concerning personal data protection.

  1. Pay on Delivery – The customer might pay by cash on the delivery of their order. Additional charges may apply, depending on the circumstances, by paying on delivery. The customer is asked to contact the Company and be informed about the due charges of paying on delivery while they are submitting their order.
  2. Pick up from the Company’s Warehouse and cash payment.

Products Delivery

The delivery options are as follows:

  1. Using a transport company of the customer’s choice. The customer is charged the transportation cost. The customer bears the transportation risk.
  2. Within Thessaloniki area, the deliveries are conducted by the Company. In this case the Company bears the risk of transportation as well as the cost of it.
  3. The customer has the option to collect the goods from the Company’s Warehouse.

The customer should notify the Company, either by phone or via email, of its preferred delivery method while submitting the order. There is no need to notify the Company for those customers who have already communicated to the Company their preferred delivery method and have indicated that such method is valid for any order they place to the Company.

Withdrawing, Cancelling and Returning Products

After completing the order, cancellation is not possible. The possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal is not foreseen.

Product Returns due to incorrect delivery

Return of products on the Company’s expenses is possible in case the delivery is incorrectly executed and, in all cases, whereby products different than the ones ordered are delivered, either in terms of item number or quantity. In this case, the Company bears the product return expenses as well as the expenses of resending the correct products to the customer, on condition that the customer follows the return method and return time indicated by the Company. After the necessary typical inspection is carried out at first, the Company sends out to the customer the correct product or products, on condition that these are available or, if not available, other products with similar technical characteristics upon agreement with the customer or in case the customer does not wish to substitute with another product, then a credit note of the respective amount is issued for the next order.

 Return of defective products

In the event of defected products due to a defect in manufacturing, the Company has, first, the obligation to replace the defected product with a similar one or, if not available, with a product of the customer’s choice of equivalent price. In case the customer opts to replace the defected product or products with ones of higher price, they are obliged to pay the price difference. For product of lower price, the difference is settled by a credit note for the next order.

In that case, the return of the product must happen with all the accompanying statements (for example invoice, delivery note) as well as its complete packaging. Also, it is deemed necessary that the packaging of the product is kept in good state by the customer, as the latter is responsible for the delivery of the product.

The return of the products is carried out by the means that the Company indicates, the customer bears the transportation costs for sending the defective product/products back to the Company while the Company undertakes the expenses for sending the replacement products to the customer.

Upon return of the products to the Company, the defect stated by the customer is inspected and afterwards they are contacted regarding the results of the inspection.

In case a defect is ascertained, the product is replaced with a similar product, if available, or with another product of the customer’s choice or a credit note for the next order.

No product delivery

The Company is responsible for non-delivery only in cases it delivers the products on its own.

Product Prices

The prices of the products do not include the V.A.T. which is calculated at the check-out. In addition, the prices of engine oils and valvolines include the alternative management of lubricants waste fee, which amounts to Euro 0,02/kilogram.

Applied Law and Jurisdiction

The present Terms & Conditions are governed by and construed according to the laws of Greece and the European Union. Any disputes, claims, or counterclaims arising from or relating to the use of the Website and any transaction with the Company through the B2B shall be exclusively submitted to the jurisdiction of the Greek (Thessaloniki) Courts.

Personal Data

While using the Webpage and the B2B, the User may be asked to give information and personal data to the extent that this is required for their transactions with the Company. These data are governed by the Personal Data Privacy Policy of the Company, which is compliant with the current General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) and about which the User may be informed through the specific link “Privacy Policy – GDPR” of the Website. By accepting the Terms & Conditions, the User accepts the processing of their personal data and declares that all the information and data they supply are true and accurate. On any occasion, the User maintains the right to be informed, have access to and object to the processing of their personal data, according to the current GDPR and the legislation.

The terms Personal Data Privacy Policy, Privacy Policy, Personal Data Protection Statement, wherever mentioned, are used interchangeably.