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Torch Spark Plug Company is the leading manufacturer of spark plugs in China, with a history and tradition of over 60 years. The company possesses 21 production lines and more than 200 different ref. codes of spark plugs, covering an extensive range of applications for cars, motorcycles and small gasoline engines. The company owns the advanced technology which is necessary to manufacture antistatic, platinum, iridium, nickel-copper spark plugs, etc.

The excellent quality and operation efficiency of the Torch spark plugs, the competitive prices, the reliable service and the contemporary technology renders Torch dominant in the Chinese market while, at the same time, constitutes a great export force in the global market (USA, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Germany, Greece, Italy and other areas of the world).

The demanding conditions of the quality assurance control and inspection that takes place in its manufacturing facilities have attracted the interest of so many automakers, that today Torch Spark Plug Company is GENUINE in a series of automobile, motorcycle, chainsaw, mower/horticulture machinery industries ,as presented below… 

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Great variety of Torch spark plugs is available in our stock in our warehouse in Greece.

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